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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage


For most women, pregnancy is a mixed bag of physical, emotional and spiritual concerns which makes a massage therapist with the right skills an indispensable part of any woman's prenatal care. Pregnancy massage, performed with the proper positional support, and by skilled, confident hands will help the expectant mum relieve the discomforts and pain of pregnancy, ease her stress and enhance her relationship with her body and unborn child.


At Unwind we use specially tailored techniques, combined with specific side-lying positioning and supportive bolstering, to provide relaxation and physical relief at every stage of pregnancy.  The treatment provides a period of deep rest, and an alleviation of many pregnancy related physical symptoms, including aches and pains, cramp, swelling, water retention and high blood pressure.  Other outcomes include enhanced relaxation, improved sleeping and reduced anxiety.

1 hour : £45
90 minutes : £65